Amidst all the turmoil and sadness in the world in 2016, Bunroy Park has continued to be our wee haven  of peace. We hope that all our guests over the past year have also found Bunroy to be a wee haven and have enjoyed your stay.

Better photo of the red squirrel. It’s been caching peanuts all over the place. It’ll be interesting to see if it remembers where it buried them, unless the jays find them first.

We’ve had some really interesting guests over the year, not least the red squirrels, who continue to entertain us with their antics as they hang upside down on the feeders and chase each other up and down and round the tree trunks. The roe deer mother and her two lovely calves have been around for much of the year and been much admired and the red deer and sika are often to be seen in the woods along by the river.  We’ve also enjoyed watching nuthatches stashing peanuts from the feeders in holes and corners around the site, although they’re often being shadowed by other birds and have to be careful about hiding them when others are watching.

We’ve had at least three authors staying on site this year.  Jessie McQuarrie has written a couple of books ( Camus Calling and Camus Answers) about a couple in later life taking over a campsite on the west coast of Scotland (and no she hadn’t been at Bunroy before she wrote the books, even though her female character is obsessed with her hanging baskets :) )  Kellan MacInnes has written two books, one a guide book ( Caleb’s List) and one fiction ( The Making of Mickey Bell)  in which Scotland’s mountains figure large. We also learned that as well as the Munros, which are mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet high, there are also Marilyns and we were pleased to discover that Alan Dawson, who wrote the guide book, also visited Bunroy Park.

Ross O’Sullivan, who was swimming across Scotland to raise money for charity spent a couple of nights here with his team. Unfortunately, the weather conditions were unsuitable for his swim, especially on Loch Ness,  and quite a lot of the trip had to be done on paddleboards instead.  We also played host to a husky owners group with their beautiful dogs, a VW campervan group, an Elddis Owners group, a couple of Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme groups, the Race for Freedom group, who were visiting the Commando Memorial and raising money for charity, bloggers on a world tour ( Sam and Kirsten Take on the World) and numerous Munro baggers, walkers,  kayakers, mountain bikers, sightseers, Ben Nevis racers, moth watchers, photographers and lots of other really nice people from lots of different countries.

We’ve been delighted to welcome all of our guests here and thoroughly enjoyed the past year, even although we’ve had a few difficult times health-wise. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our past, present and future guests for choosing Bunroy Park. Thank you to all our Facebook and Twitter followers and to all who have wished us well by cards, letters and messages in 2016.

Best wishes to all of you. We hope you have a Very Happy and Healthy New Year with plenty of good camping and caravanning weather and that you continue to enjoy the peace of Bunroy Park in 2017


  1. We always love coming to stay at Bunroy, with Alex & Flora so welcoming & chalets feel like home. we had a great time with friends in June 2016 and hope to see you with our cousins in the autumn.

    • Thank you Sue and Phil, we’re always pleased to welcome you back to Bunroy. Hope you and your cousins enjoy your stay here in the autumn too.


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